A renovated code editor

(Yuval Gavish) #21

hi Bruno and everyone.
I’m new here and trying to make sense of it all.
for some reason, I can’t resize the code editor, and there is no syntax highlighting.
any idea what’s wrong?
thank you very much,

(Mark Anderson) #22

The original was a mock-up. Neither of these features has been implemented. I presume that’s because it’s not simple, at least the syntax colouring part. Action code has grown in somewhat ad hoc fashion over the 18 years of Tinderbox’s life. Initially, it was deigned to be quite permissive in input style (e.g. guessing string literals vs code operator terms). As action code grew in scope and complexity more defined ‘rules’ emerged. however, so as not to break old code in existing documents, the old permissive style is broadly tolerated. So part of code/syntax colouring would be to define the ‘rules’ of action code and I don’t think that’s been done beyond my general notes at aTbRef.

As to horizontal width, the Inspector is a fixed width window. But, if you’ve long/complex code you want to edit in a bigger window, add the built-in ‘Code’ prototype to your document and then make new notes, based on the Code prototype. The latter exists to make it easy to change doc defaults that are inimicable to working with code (monospace font, no auto-substitution of curly quotes for straight, etc.).

(Yuval Gavish) #23

hi Mark,
Thank you very much.
This is very helpful.