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Agent to calculate notes' Relative Vertex Orders

(Paul Walters) #41

You click carefully onto the container’s viewport - not to open the container, but to be able to click-hold the background of the viewport and be able to slide the notes inside off to the side or bottom so that they are not visible.

(Enrico Scarpella) #42

Thank you very much, @PaulWalters, for the prompt and helpful reply.

Best regards,

(Mark Anderson) #43

I believe the idea of a focus-tracking Roadmap has been received and been added to the feature request - so it’s now a matter of wait and see.

For issues of this nature I’d report them to tech support, i.e. Eastgate. The pragmatic reason is this isn’t ‘support’ as such but a user-to-user forum. So whilst there’s lots of app expertise on offer here, we can’t see under-the-hood. So crashes, hangs, high resource/cpu usage issues are better reported directly to the support email, info@eastgate.com, not least because you may need to share TBXs/info that can’t sensibly be posted in a public forum.

I hope that helps, :smiley:

(Enrico Scarpella) #44

Thank you very much, @mwra, for the kind reply and helpful clarification.

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