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Another "Bay Area" virtual meetup?

Is Meet still good for everyone (if yes, the link is the same: meet.google.com/ydb-oggv-zbw)

I am new to the forum and to tinderbox, but I would like to attend. Would that be ok?

2am Monday AEST (Melbourne)


Yup, please feel free to attend. It’s my first time at a meetup like this too!

In fact, I’m not even aware of any agenda for the meetup (though if there was one last time and folks want some structure, we can); I’m just looking forward to hearing interesting details about how everyone else is using Tinderbox!

It was awesome to meet everyone and talk about Tinderbox :slight_smile:

Let’s do it again in three months?

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Thank you Agam for setting this up. It was a pleasure meeting everyone.


Agreed, thanks again @Agam!


If we wanted more attendance, we could perhaps announce a late July meeting now, maybe with a short guest presentation?

It looks like you have some international customers in the southern hemisphere who might want an event timed to meet their local clocks.