aTbref updated for v7.3.1

(Mark Anderson) #1

v7.3.1 is out. Main changes are tweaks to watched folders/groups and a few fixed glitches - see the v7.3.1 change log. See

(Andreas Grimm) #2

Is RSS still working on it? I just get an error when trying …

(Mark Anderson) #3

Working here. I’ve checked the rss.xml file in a validator and it passes. Anyway, I’ve re-exported & uplaoded the RSS and Atom feeds. The JSON feed can’t be properly completed pending a feature request for tweaks to some action/export code.

Edit: meant to add, very happy spomeone actually uses these feeds. I build them mainly to learn the technique and give a working model for others (in the TBX’s templates).

(Mark Anderson) #4

It should be now. The feed was OK, the problem is that the links on the home page were using an ‘.html’ extension instead of an ‘.xml’ one. I’ve fixed the web page. I’ll have to go and triage the TBX.