aTbRef updated for v7

(Mark Anderson) #1

aTbRef7 is now up, images done. Summary of what’s new in v7.

Reports of errors and typos are welcomed - to me please.

(Andreas Grimm) #2

Thank you, Mark.

But I do have difficulties finding the download-link for the offline-tbx-Version of aTbRef v7.

Could you kindly point me in the right direction.


(Mark Anderson) #3

The source is zipped at:

I’ve added a link to the 5th-from-last bullet on the index page or go to the home page > (link to ) About aTbRef > (link to) Obtaining the aTbRef source TBX file which has an on screen link to the zip.

Note, I generally make small changes to the online version only. The Zip is only updated when I do a full export, unless I expressly make a fresh zip. This is pragmatic as the master doc lives on my home system and I update the website from wherever I happen to be. so if web page and TBX differ, treat the web page as more up to date.

Errata are welcomed.

(Mark Anderson) #4

aTbRef6 now has warning headers that it is out of date and a re-direct to aTbRef7. and now both redirect to the aTbRef7 home page.

(Mark Anderson) #5

aTbRef7 is now updated for v7.0.1. I also noticed and fixed some out-of-date stuff in the Tinderbox syntax section.

(Andreas Grimm) #6

Search in aTbRef7 does not work while aTbRef6 still works.

@mwra could you kindly take a look?


(Mark Anderson) #7

Fixed this AM, alerted by a PM from another user. Sorry, I’d left a hardcoded reference to atbref6. I didn’t envisage aTbRef would run for 13 years and have 5 different baseline versions online!

The TBX version online includes this fix. Google may take a day or two to index everything but it shouldn’t need any more fixes from me.

(Andreas Grimm) #8

Unfortunately it’s still not working. So, I guess, we wait another day …

(Mark Anderson) #9

Sadly, I don’t control Google’s indexing priorities. :rage: