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Backlinks (v8.7)

Just to focus a point, since the feature has been discussed with enthusiasm with regard to certain other software. From v8.7, Tinderbox ziplinks support backlinks. As @mwra explains in aTbRef / Ziplinks:

Adding a backlink from the link target
From v8.7.0, Ziplinks can create backlinks from the destination note. [[<that note>]] will create a link to “that note”, and then will append the name of this note to the text of “that note” and link the name back to this note.


Wonderful! Thank you so much! All the work that is put into this program is astounding.

Thought for the future, backlinks would be even more useful were they to work as part of new text. [[note name::some new text <back link>]]

This would enable me to explain why that link is important.

I have limited computer knowledge so I apologize if this simply not doable. Just a thought.

Thanks again for all you do.