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Change text format

For working with selected text, DT’s WordServices and Brett Terpstra’s Markdown Service Tools can be used in any application. They don’t solve the problem of not being able to batch change $Text format in several notes but, if I understood this thread well, neither can Keyboard Maestro, or does it?

I’m late to the party and the link is broken. @brookter, would you be willing to make the link available again or does anyone else have this file.

This looks great! I can recreate this, but it would save some time if it is available.

Hi Steve,

Of course: the new link is here — https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtrhx5lo2f4ajsp/TBX8%20Misc%20Macros.kmmacros?dl=0

NB: the old one was for TB7 so I’ve converted it for TB8.

I’ve disabled the original cleanup commands because TB8 uses a separate dialogue box which unfortunately doesn’t respond to tab or arrow commands, so I can’t easily manipulate the dropdown box with KM. (I’m sure there’s a way, I just haven’t spent any time looking.)

For the time being, use opt-Mc which opens the dialogue and then you’ll have to use the mouse to pick the option.



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David, thanks for taking the time to clean it up and reshare it. It works!

It gives me a lot of ideas on how I can speed up my TBX workflow. I’m working on a big project and my forearm that I’m using to use the mouse is hurting! I want brainstorm how I can keep my hands off of the mouse.

I’m glad it’s useful!