Changing Font in Existing Notes

(Jeff Taekman) #1

I see others are struggling with this topic as well. I have a large TBX file with lots of information. I’m trying to figure out a way to change the text font in ALL my notes (in the right hand column) at one time. As per other questions in the forum, I can change the font in each note individually, but this is too tedious for my large file. I need an efficient way to do this on all notes in one fell swoop.

(Paul Walters) #2

Over here, I use Edit > Document Settings > Text > Text Font. For example:

In this GIF, the two notes merely happen to be selected for illustration purposes. It is not necessary to select the notes before using the Text Font setting.

Be aware – for a given note, if $TextFont has been changed to something other than the default, then you’ll want to have an agent, or a Stamp, or Quickstamp, do these changes.

(Jeff Taekman) #3

For some reason, this doesn’t work for me. Is it also possible to change font size in this same manner?

(Paul Walters) #4

Yes, Edit > Document Settings > Text > Text font invokes the standard OS X font picker – the same panel you get in TextEdit if you press T – so you can set font, size, and styling for any font installed on your system. It’s a per-document setting.

I suggest trying this is a new document with only a note or two, as in my example, just to see if it works on your machine. It should. If it is working there, but not working in a “real” document, it is likely something in your document - a prototype, etc., – is overriding the default. If you want to do some debugging, the attributes to look at in the Document Inspector or Quickstamp or the raw XML code, are $TextFont and $TextFontSize.