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Debugging performance issues

It’s actually been an issue for me in the past. Tinderbox lends itself to very personal notes and when these struggle with performance, it is a wrench to send them to somebody else. I’m again having such an issue (the note is a map of my life).

Some suggestions for sensitive documents:

  • Let us know how long something is taking, and what the size of the relevant document is. That, at minimum, let’s us say “that’s insanely slow” or “I’m not surprised it takes that long!”

  • Beware of old cruft. One user had a document in which the default value for $Rule had accidentally been set to some arbitrary string. The rule didn’t accomplish anything, but it was being evaluated thousands of times a second.

  • Consider ripping out everything sensitive from a test copy, even if that seems to be nearly everything. Replace it with dummy notes. Is it still slow? Perhaps you can share that version.

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Along these lines, find a lorem ipsum generator online and use it to replace the text of sensitive notes.

Thanks for your idea, Katherine! The problem: I’ve used Tinderbox to create a model of my brain - to map thoughts, experiences, desire, memories, dreams. I built the foundation from a series of psychoanalytic sessions that made explicit my internal processes, and it has spiraled out from there. This sprawling map of 6,000 notes is like a “low-poly” mirror to my self. It’s a glowing tribute to the power of the software that I’ve been able to create a map of connections that could one day be used to build a useful simulation of my being from the inside, out. It’s a debugger. This is also the reason that it’s not possible to use a Lorem Ipsum generator to replace sensitive notes: every note is sensitive.

Handling that amount of notes within a single map is not even possible in my early 2015 MBP. It’s even impossible for professional chart drawing apps to handle, like Omnigraffle.
I don’t know Mr. Bernstein and other old users will say about this quantity. For me, simply feeling shocked.

I think your project sounds amazing.


If you really needed to send a clean copy for tech help, would select-all and this stamp clean up a duplicate file you could send?

$Name="Lorem ipsum"+$Created;$Text="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, blah blah.";

(It assumes all the sensitive info is in the note title and text.)