Discourse formatting shortcuts

(Paul Walters) #1

When composing a post in Discourse (the software this forum uses), we have access to several formatting commands in a toolbar. There are other formatting commands available. Notice that some commands use square brackets – Discourse honors many <HTML> tags and [BBcode square] tags when the HTML tag is not available.

[u][s]Underline strikethrough[/s][/u]
This has <sup>superscript</sup>
This has <sub>subscript</sub>
These are <kbd>Keyboard</kbd> letters
Some more <kbd>⌥⌘C</kbd>
This is a [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] -- click the blur to see the spoiler text

Underline strikethrough
This has superscript
This has subscript
These are Keyboard letters
Some more ⌥⌘C
This is a spoiler <-- click the blur

If you want to use these frequently, then create some snippets with TextExpander, or Typinator, or KeyboardMaestro.

(Andreas Grimm) #2

Nice, @PaulWalters. Thank you!