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Filter Attribute List values based on another Attribute

Is it possible to filter the values for an attribute (list/set) based on another attribute?

Let’s say I have an Attribute-A and set the value to “Future”. Based on that I would like to display in Attribute-B all (but only this) synonyms for “Future” which I keep in a look-up table. The list of synonyms are quite long for 128 different terms and it is not very convenient to see all synonyms all the time.

I could not figure out how to do this as for an attribute the values from all notes are displayed.

Thanks for your suggestions…

Try this. I don’t know exactly what you want to do with this. But, with the attached, you can add terms with their synonyms to the terms container. You can then, on the Look Up Note select the term you want to find synonyms for and then apply the “Find Synonyms” stamp.

TBX L - Build a Lookup List.tbx (224.9 KB)

Hopefully, this makes sense and that you’ll find something in this useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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In addition to the last answer, which seems a potential way ahead…

If I understand, I think you want the the pop-up value list of AttributeB to be populated dynamically from AttributeA’s values. If so that also implies you’d need to seed the suggested values for AttributeB.

So, I don’t think either of those is possible But, whilst I’m not aware of any way to automatically set suggested values for an attribute. But assuming you can access the values of interest you could set them all for one particular note as that would then seed the values into the pop-up list of used values.

[Edit follows with additional points]

Bounding the use case here, is AttributeA a single value attribute (e.g. a String-type) or is it a multi-value (List or Set types)?

Something I’d missed earlier is an extra complication, that of changing AttributeB’s suggested values on the fly, based on the current seed value selected for Attribute A. This certainly doesn’t appear possible at present. At present, a possible attribute-based method would be to make a discrete attribute for the synonyms of each AttributeA stem term. But I’m sure that isn’t what you are after as you’re end up with >100 attributes and I’m guessing you want a solution that works in Displayed Attributes.

Essentially you are looking for a mechanism of cascading lists as used in some databases where the second list is re-populated to reflect the selection in the first list. I don’t believe that is [possible at present.

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@satikusala, @mwra thanks for your answer and also Michael for the TBX file. This is very helpful and it is always interesting to study different ways how I could takle an issue.

I don’t know exactly what you want to do with this.

I am writing outlines for my stories (Novels, Screenplays) in Tinderbox.

For story development I use Dramatica. Every story part or level (Act, Sequence, Scene, Beat) can be described in Dramatica with a term.

Attribute »Dramatica« keeps one of this terms (like Future, Chaos, …)

In Attribute »Gist« and »Gist2« I would like to display all the synonyms (Gists describe a Dramatica Term with a word group) once I populated my Attribute »Dramatica« (with Future, Chaos …).

A »Dramatica« term can have many Gists (10 up to 60). Instead of showing all possible Gists (>1000) it would be very convenient for my purpose to show only the Gists for the selected term.

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Yes, I believe that was the need and as I don’t think the suggested value can be built dynamically, I took an alternative route that will take the selected value of $Term in Look Up Note to automatically populate the value of $Text in Look Up Note. You can adjust the stamp so that instead of $Text being populated with the selected value in $Term it could easily populate any other attribute.

@Gernot, I’d be happy to hop on a zoom call and work with you to adjust this, if you’d like. I think (hope) we can make this work for you…just need to know a bit more.

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I was thinking about this as well, but it would make it unmanageable for me.

Right, at the moment I using a second tinderbox file as lookup and copy what every I need. This works fine, I was just wondering if there is something to make it more convenient for my work .

Well, at least I diagnosed it correctly. :frowning: But, at present the functionality you want is not possible. Hopefully @satikusala’s alternative method above is some help.

Thanks Michael, much appreciated.

I am working with Tinderbox since version 5.7 At this time, I switched from Windows to Mac because of Tbx. My plan was actually, to move my Zettelkasten into Tbx (today >7k notes). It didn’t work for me and I moved everything to a local CMS (Wordpress). Last November I rediscovered Tbx and I am super excited now and use it mainly for outlining.

In one of your videos/discussions you mentioned the power of the preview future within a workflow. Cannot agree more, I am amazed how smooth my outlining runs now and how powerful it can be.

Looking forward to our call. I live in timezone GMT+1. Let me know when you are available.