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Formatting Export Layout

(Mark Anderson) #47

OK, further fixes. Sorted the map container in $DisplayName order. Link types instituted. Edict now populating user attributes correctly. However $Name(ID-designator) fails to work if ID-designator.

To my understanding this is a bug as designators can be single or lists. Too much to fix and might need app level fix to complete this ask.

Even then, looking at export, the export is more complex as Stories/Studies can be one or more items and the table should have every (unique) combo of those o a separate line. Again this might need an extension to action code to handle.

Done for today, here’s the current file to play with. New typed links are visible but unlabelled - my terminology before was off. If you untick visible for a link type it hides both line and label; ‘labeled’ is the box you’re really after.

Pink Sheet example_PW1a.tbx (192.5 KB)


(Mark Anderson) #48

Looking at the XLS supplied, I’m assuming each _concept, has one model and one metaphor but N study and N story items.

So, on export we need to loop through to give an output row of per unique (?) study:story combo. I can do all combos with nested links but that will give an entry for A:B and B:A as opposed to a single row for them both as I think A:B == B:A. True?

(Stephen Hay) #49

Yes, each concept has one model and one metaphor and N study and story items.

For the export, the numbers are so relatively low that double entries are not going to cause me that much work to clean up. The export would occur once, let’s say, and with 15 concepts and, say, 2-3 studies and stories per concept, it’s not much to go through and delete rows. A few minutes work.

(Mark Anderson) #50

Thanks. Actually, the problem I’m hitting is doing all the duplicate lines. Per row, we’ve two multi-value columns, each unique pairing of which of which demands the row be duplicated.

If we just concatenated individual values (pre column), i.e. if 3 story sources we out put then as one dell item, it would be a lot easier.

(Stephen Hay) #51

Do you mean it is easier to put all stories in one cell? If that is the case, that would be ideal.

(Mark Anderson) #52

Pink Sheet example_PW1c.tbx (189.7 KB)
Output table example1.xls.zip (10.5 KB)

The ## markers in some cells show where 've concatenated stories or studies. I tried adding vertical tab characters (Chr 10) but I don’t think Tinderbox uses the \v escape code. Still the hashes can easily be swapped out in the XLS file (or CSV, etc. when initially imported.

(Stephen Hay) #53

Thanks Mark, very, very much appreciated.

I’ll work my way through everything over the next few days (and try to understand what you’ve done…).


(Mark Anderson) #54

Sorry - v busy weekend so no time to annotate files. The Export agent is doing the main business, via a pair of templates. I forgot to set the export filename and file extension - use the HTML Inspector for that. For the sample in the Excel file I simply copied/pasted from the agent’s Text pane HTML sub-pane.

FWIW, I first tried doing the export using action code variables in the code (var) but hit issues. So, I’m using to extra last attributes $MyListA and $MyListB as well as the built-in $MyString during export. The code voids all three at the end of the loop so we don’t end up storing unneeded data.