Go back to previous map

(Sebastian Stuewe) #1

Hi everyone,

I frequently use CMD+’ - which is quite useful. However, I have to “Go Back” lots of times when I do some editing, rearranging, adjusting and then want to move back to the previous map. Is there an additional shortcut to do so?


(Mark Anderson) #2

I assume you’re looking for Note->Go back… (Cmd+’)?

(Sebastian Stuewe) #3

No, I know that already.

I am looking for a “Go back to the previous map” - shortcut. :slight_smile:
Any idea?

(Mark Anderson) #4

Previous? Up-arrow takes you the the parent map, or down-arrow takes you to the child map (or the current selection).

‘previous’ is not necessarily obvious - except as the the last visting map rior to this one, which is in the undo stack.

(Sebastian Stuewe) #5

Thanks for your concern and assistance.

Actually, that’s what I mean - the last visiting map prior to the one I am one. Is there a specific shortcut that executes that?

(eastgate) #6

If you expect you might want to revisit a particular map, just make a new tab.