How about creating a "Bug reports" main topic?

(Bruno Moreira) #1

Self-explanatory. I think it would benefit both users and developers, by providing one recognizable place to report bugs!

(Mark Anderson) #2

Convention to date is that bug reports go via email to Otherwise forum threads descend into a moan-fest. A point to remember is this forum not Eastgate tech support but a user-to-user forum, albeit hosted/paid for by Eastgate. The primary admin/moderator (me!) is an unpaid volunteer fellow Tinderbox user. As forum users it’s not our job to write emails others can write themselves, though I’m not saying that by way criticism. Apart from the most trivial glitches, a report usually needs more info than a description and may need (private) info it is not appropriate to share via a public forum.

However, the forums are a good place to work out if something is a bug rather than the app functioning in a manner that doesn’t match one’s intuition or desired work style. As an open-ended tool, the Tinderbox community has a number of quite different types of use for the app . Thus seeming ‘bugs’ are often simply a misunderstanding of the design intent of certain features.

If something is truly broken, and especially if its causing real immediate issues, emailing support should be a first port of call. Figuring out how best to use features of best approaches to a task are better for the forum.

I’d close by saying please don’t read the above as harsh rebuttal - it’s definitely not written with that in mind.

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(Bruno Moreira) #3

Got it. Not understood as harsh rebuttal, TBX community is amongst the most civilized people I’ve met :wink: