How do I display an attribute in text?

(Bill Anderson) #1

I routinely create implementation guides for clients and want to streamline the process using Tinderbox. I would like to take a key attribute $Organization and display that in my text. An example:

We recommend that $Organization archive programs quarterly.
becomes on export:
We recommend that Foundation Partners archive programs quarterly.

How do I do this?

Funny, I’ve been using TB for years, but always feel I’m just beginning…

(eastgate) #2

We recommend that ^value($Organization) archive programs quarterly.

(Bill Anderson) #3

Brilliant, thank you Mark.

(Mark Anderson) #4

Noting your comments in various threads that you’re returning to export, you might find of use the listing at aTbRef of Export codes. Older deprecated codes are now weeded from that listing. If you have templates using such older codes, you are encouraged to update them.

(Bill Anderson) #5

I don’t. Basically, I was using a couple of big TB docs for years at one job, and now I’ve moved on. I’m starting fresh with a new focus, so I’m a bit rusty at some of the more interesting things Tinderbox can do. I have to say, it’s quite fun getting back into it!