How to keep consistent columns between Outline and Attribute Browser views

(alj ) #1

I’m taking the trial version of Tinderbox out for a spin, and stumbling on a few UI issues. One notable one is when I’m switching between the Outline view and the amazing Attribute Browser. I wonder if the behavior I’m seeing is intentional, and a symptom of me not knowing the software well, but at this level I can’t tell.

The following steps are illustrated in the attached animated GIF.

  1. In Outline view, I see my list of notes as expected.
  2. I then switch to the Attribute Browser, where I have the same notes organized by “Authors”… so far so good.
  3. Switching back to the Outline view, and now there are two columns showing the note names: the first is the default title-less column, and the second is a column explicitly set to “Name”. (To be clear, I only ever want to see the note names in one column, not duplicated.)

No amount of different combinations of removing/adding the “Name” column from either view makes me able to quickly switch back and forth between Outline/AB and get my expected list of notes with a single “Name” column. Any help?


(Paul Walters) #2

That’s very unusual. Your GIF shows you using the tutorial.tbx file. What about your own file? Do you see a problem there?

(eastgate) #3

Try opening a tab for the outline view and a different tab for the attribute browser. That will let you switch more cleanly – especially since the attribute browser has lots of additional settings you might use.

(alj ) #4

@PaulWalters Even though the filename is “tutorial.tbx”, it’s actually my own file. But, regardless, your point still holds: is this repeatable across other files? Yes, it is (for me). But, Eastgate’s suggestion helps a lot.

Importantly, it looks like this issue only pops up when I have the “Use Columns” view option checked on. When that’s not on, the behavior switching between the two views is as expected.

@eastgate Yes, thank you! Having one tab per view solves this annoyance and lets me keep “Use Columns” option either on/off independently between tabs.

But, this leads to a different (smaller) annoyance… I’m a keyboard-shortcut fan… I can easily swap between tabs, but whenever I swap to the Attribute Browser, it seems the list of notes does not have focus so arrow-up and arrow-down do nothing. Is there a way to focus into the note list via keyboard?

(Paul Walters) #5

Option-Tab switches between panes in a view. E.g., from Text to outline. When you option-tab into the outline the pane’s background momentarily has a shadow effect. Press up / down arrows, etc., to navigate once you’re in the outline

(alj ) #6

Thanks, that totally works in the Outline view, but doesn’t seem to do anything in the Attribute Browser… It’s as if nothing has focus when I switch to the AB.

(Mark Anderson) #7

Confirm, Opt+Tab doesn’t seem to work in AB view. It sort of works, but not properly, I’ll report this.


Done - reported.