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How to print html preview

(James A. Foster) #1

I have an outline. The Preview view shows that outline formatted as I like. I used to be able to right click on the preview and get a “print” option, which would print what I see. That doesn’t seem to be there in TB 8.0.2.

How do I print what I see in the Preview section?

(eastgate) #2

That’s odd! We’ll investigate the missing menu.

Temporary workaround: select the text, copy, and paste it into the text of a new. Print that note.

(Paul Walters) #3

Hmmm, seems to be working OK over here in 8.0.2 (The underlying text in the image is HTML.)

(James A. Foster) #4

I’m also using 8.0.2. It’s not working here!

(Paul Walters) #5

Could you post a non-working .tbx sample here?

Here’s my example, from above.

Coffee with Bob.tbx (96.0 KB)