HTML Export demo - updated for v7

(Mark Anderson) #1

See:**. Please read the enclosed README file before use.

Previous users my recognise some files. I’ve added a new exercise #6 showing what happens when notes have embedded images. FWIW, all the source images used were bitmaps, GIF or PNG. Note that regardless of this all exported images are JPGs.

** updated and revised to fix errors reported down-thread.

(Ottmar Klaas) #2

Thank you for this. I had a to-do item in OmniFocus to figure out how to export my Tinderbox file so that I get one html file per note. That got done fast thanks to the example file.

(Andreas Grimm) #3

Thank you @mwra for updating the file for TB7.

However, I did not mange to work through all 6 exercises without being more puzzled at the end than I was at the beginning.

Exercise 2 and 3

I really don’t see a difference in result.

Exercise 4

Displays the Links to Child 1 and Child 3: twice.

Exercise 6

Child 2 (I am set to not export) –> does indeed export.

Please kindly tell me what I am doing wrong here.

Thanks in advance

(Mark Anderson) #4

Hmm. Not sure how those gremlins crept in. I’ve fond and fixed errors in the TBX/sample HTML for exercises 3, 4 and 6. See

(Andreas Grimm) #5

Thank you, @mwra. I’ll take a look …