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Import of multiple references from Bookends

(Mark Anderson) #22

That is likely setting this in System Preference, Security & Privacy, Privacy tab, Automation section:


(Naupaka Zimmerman) #23

I can confirm that I had that setting checked, and that everything works as expected with Bookends v 13.2.1 (released March 29, 2019) and Tinderbox v7 b358, but also that I still am having the same issue with Bookends 13.2.1 and Tinderbox v8 b362.

Are you both using the 13.2.1 version of Bookends?

Tinderbox v7 b358 and Bookends 13.2.1 –

Tinderbox v8 b362 and Bookends 13.2.1 –

(Mark Anderson) #24

I can confirm that using Bookends v13.2.1 on OS 14.4.4 and with v8.0.0b361** (current public release), I can Cmd+Opt drag multiple references from BE to TB.

** v8 was a soft release, first as b360 with a few minor fixes. If you have b360, re-downloading v8 from Eastgate will give b361 which can be used to over-install b360.

As there seems to be sensitivity in the ordering of events/modifiers, I:

  • Make a multiple item selection in BE, letting the mouse/trackpad ‘up’ on completion (i.e. leasing the cursor before the next step)
  • Press Cmd+Opt keys together before
  • click onto and drag the BE selection to TB.

Incidentally, on trying the above (first time in v8) I was asked about allowing access to Be and a new entry appeared in my System Prefs Privacy settings:


I can tell the second entry is v8, due to my earlier screen grab above. TB v8 is not yet authorised for DT access.

Although info on betas is outside scope for this forum, I will quickly note that b362 also works for me in the above forum.

(eastgate) #25

I suspect the new Mojave security controls on scripting are involved here. Tinderbox 8.0.1 may help; unfortunately, the System Preferences support for the new controls is incomplete in Mojave.

(Naupaka Zimmerman) #26

Rolled back to v8.0.0 b361, reset (all!) automation privileges with tccutil reset AppleEvents according to advice here:

Upon reopening Tbx and cmd-option-dragging from Bookends, was then asked to authorize Tinderbox v8, accepted, and now…

Now all works great!