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Is it possible to limit hyperbolic view to go "only" two levels down/out from the source note?


I have been toying around with the idea to automatically link documents to newly created “tag”-notes (based on the $Codes attribute) in order explore the relationship between the two in hyperbolic view (see screenshot below). For this it would be great to specify the degree of relationship that is still shown - seven levels down probably all my notes are connected, two levels down it might be a different story.

Is this somehow possible? Or maybe an option for the future?

  1. Tag-Notes are created by a stamp ($Codes is a tag-like attribute):
MySet = values("Codes");
$MyString="/codes/"+X; create($MyString);
  1. An edict in the document prototype links them to the tag notes:
$MyString="/codes/"+X; linkTo($MyString);

Up/Down doesn’t apply in this context. Hyperbolic view works of the link structure not the outline. Indeed, the background to this was a desire to be able to view the (linked) hypertext with the underlying outline flattened.

However, I think you are possibly talking about allowing the hyperbolic view to have a variable scope. By default it shows all links - thus the whole document. Whereas I think you want to be able to set—for example—the view to not map more than N links out from the note with current focus. If so, that would be a feature request at this point (which I advise you email in with a use case, so it is seen).

It was the second part of your answer. By “two levels down” I meant “two links out from the note of the current focus”, in your words. I imagine that a “two levels out”-view would show which documents and tags are closely related, don’t you think?

Yes, indeed, though that’s not currently supported. Someone with the need should mail in a feature request. :wink:

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