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Is there a key-value / map / hash data type?

(Pat Maddox) #1

I vaguely remember seeing something about this, but I can’t find any info so maybe I’m making it up.

Is there a key-value / map / hash-like data type?

So I can do something like $MyHash.put('key1', 'value1') $MyHash.get('key1') kinda thing?

Basically so I can have an arbitrary list of key-values without having to create a bunch of user attributes.

(Paul Walters) #2

So, you want a “KVP” attribute type?

That would be interesting, and also helpful for some of the recent use cases discussed here in other threads.

(Mark Anderson) #3

Is this what you were after: look-up tables?

However, I don’t think the concept is formalised to the degree suggested by your post. It isn’t like generating/manipulating arrays. Rather it is a format that allows better querying of key/value pairs (in order to retrieve values).

FWIW, I don’t think the ‘look-up table’ terminology is particularly fixed. I would have taken it from the release notes at the time.

(Pat Maddox) #4

Yep! I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

(eastgate) #5

I’m planning to extend the lookup table syntax slightly in Tinderbox 8. If there’s something you need that’s not there, bernstein@eastgate.com will find me.