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Is there a way to save a Custom Theme in Tinderbox for importing into another document?


Is there currently a way to save the theme settings in tinderbox such as customized light and dark settings for importing (like a stamp) into Tinderbox?

Thanks in advance

Hi Tom, do you mean the color scheme? That’s the only way I know of doing this.

Hi Bernardo, can you share the colour scheme of the map you presented in the Meetup yesterday? I thought it was beautiful (but I wasn’t present so if you shared it through the chat, I didn’t get it). Thanks in advance!

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Yes. See here and here.

In rough summary: you export TBC files (colour schemes) via the Inspector and add them via drag/drop or placing them on the appropriate app support folder so they list as an option in Doc Settings.

Thank you MarkA and Bernard-o. Tom