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Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List)

The videos (I’ve watched four so far) have been so very helpful!

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PS : If this is wrong place to request , let me know where !

Could I request for a video on Linking ? Different types of linking ?? How to link without zip links ? How to use keyboard shortcuts to link notes ? How to link to notes note in the same view etc?

I suspect this is a method from another app. Historically, links were made via drag-drop, then action code support was added, then AppleScript. most recent is the ziplinks method for making links. Note that a ‘ziplink’ is not a type of link; the term refers to how this link is made.

Confusion arises because some users have only over used tools that rely on wiki-style link mark-up using square brackets. The Ziplinks method is designed to help those people and to facilitate keyboard-only link creation.

Until a video is available, link creation is covered in some detail here (and its sub-pages).

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Michael (and Mark) - just wanted to say that these videos are a terrific resource. I’ve been using TBX for years, but I’ve learned a lot of great tips from watching them. Thank you!