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OnRemove when moving Note from Container

(Ralph Alvy) #21

This is not my experience. I find that if I drag the Note out of the Container, OnRemove was fired. But if I Cut it (Cmd-X) from the Container and then Paste it (Cmd-V) somewhere outside the Container, OnRemove was not fired. The OnRemove is simply changing an Attribute from true to false.

(Ralph Alvy) #22


(Ralph Alvy) #23

Well, I made my first Stamp to handle this. It just moves the selected Note to the Archive Container. Now I don’t have to cut and paste when it’s not convenient to drag an drop it. I can just move it to the proper subContainer later.

(eastgate) #24

The note is copied before the onRemove is fired; I’ll look into whether that could be reversed.