Performance Problems on Tinderbox 7.5.4

(Paul Walters) #21

Perhaps. Nevertheless it is always good to contact Eastgate support for technical support questions. Eastgate will do the necessary testing, and are in a position to do something about test results.

(Kay Krämer) #22

I had indeed the idea to test on my own machine. And as I own a licence, it came not to my mind that this could be a problem. Perhaps a little bit naive… sorry

(Paul Walters) #23

And it may not be an issue. Eastgate can sort that for you and provide excellent help if you write them.

(Mark Anderson) #24

IIRC all previous versions (at least the last 5.x, v6.x and all v7.0+) versions are available by changing the d/l URL from the current Eastgate page to the version required. More recently the DMG filename includes the the build number** of the version, but I’m not sure when that started. If in doubt, contact support.

** The Change Log section of aTbRef may help with that.

(eastgate) #25

Tinderbox 7.3.1 would be

Note that we don’t recommend (or support) using old versions.

(Ottmar Klaas) #26

I’m running Tinderbox 7.5.4. on a late 2013 MacBook 15" (with on Chip graphics). I’d say my performance looks pretty much identical to what you are seeing in the videos. That being said, to me, the graphics performance is reasonable and doesn’t hinder my work when working in the map view

(Kay Krämer) #27

Hi Ottmar. Thanks for your estimation. I also think that working is possible.

(Desalegn) #28

is it the similar with this one?

It affected a couple of users; and was sensitive to the editor window.

Do you notice a performance difference when you close and open the editor window?

From the video, the downward movement seems to have a lag while the side moves look fine.

(Kay Krämer) #29

I read this thread, before I posted here, but it seems to be something different. What I noticed just now, is, that my tbx file has a size of more than 30 MB. That’s triple the size of the aTbRef file! With 52 notes… no photos or whatever, just a few notes and two devon think links. I think, this is not normal, is it?

(Paul Walters) #30

We don’t have your document and cannot judge “normal”.

A Tinderbox document that autofetches a couple of large documents stored in DEVONthink, containing image, etc., would be expected to be large.

I suggest that you contact and send a copy of your document. As mentioned, this is a user-to-user how-to forum and cannot effectively diagnoses or resolve performance concerns. (sorry to be a broken record)

(Mark Anderson) #31

Amen to the last. This simply isn’t the sort of thing a user-to-user forum can fix. The correct approach at this juncture is to talk direct to support.

[as moderator] Before this thread wanders off in to a long conjectural but nonetheless uninformative discussion I’m going to lock it. In doing so, I’m mindful many folk only read the most recent or most-posted-to threads, so I 'd rather they read something more meaning. An issue was raised and a correct (though ex-forum) solution was given. In closing this, I imply absolutely no criticism about any of those who’ve posted in the thread. Rather, it has simply run its useful course. :slight_smile:

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