Service: Clip to Tinderbox v7

(Mark Anderson) #21

Nah, I just found my start-up having to go online in the early 90s and have been learning from the kindness of strangers ever since. My role here is by way of payback. I say I’m not a coder because I’ve done no formal CompSci and have a respect for those who’ve gone that path (and plenty of them here !). My experience is more Frank Tuttle - as an information plumber.

(Desalegn) #22

can you try this?

(Jake Bernstein) #23

Well it installed, but it doesn’t seem to work. I have the Service installed and just tested it and that component works.

(riccardo) #24

I am running this on Mojave and besides bringing to the front the tinderbox window it doesn’t do much. Anyone else running this successfully on Mojave?

(Mark Anderson) #25

FWIW, I can’t help re the Mojave side as I’m not moving to Mojave for a few months whilst i’m at a crucial stage of thesis writing.

Further, my understanding is that—for useful security reasons—using such ‘services’ will require a one-time admin-passworded approval for access upon first use. Thus I do wonder if there is a permissions issue. Is the service allowed to access your system. On my High Sierra system the service doesn’t show under System Prefs -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility. But, in Mojave I suspect it may need to do so.

Howard Oakely’s blog has some good tips on privacy and current OS changes.

(Nick Gordon) #26

As @mwra says, it’s likely a permissions issue. What you normally get is a pop up telling you that the app wants to control something. Try this:

There’s a useful explanation with how-to here:

Hope that helps