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Simple Pandoc Template

Hi Bernardo
Pandoc NEWbie
Downloaded your Simple Pandoc Template…works great (.md->.docx) for new files created within the document. 2 questions

  1. How do I create a pdf (my preference would be a one-pager as Michael has described.
  2. When I drag my files into the app, I do not get the conversion, only .md. (NB: I changed the Template to PandocPreview but that does not seem to fix it.

Thoughts and many thanks for your Pandoc work!

Tom, I don’t understand this. Which app are you talking about?

The simple Pandoc Template v 0.2.tbx Simple Pandoc Template 02.tbx (488.2 KB)

Creating new files work perfectly. If I drag a note from another Tbx document into the file, it creates the .md file but not the .docx

I am certain I probably am doing something wrong. I am using the PandocPreview as my HTMLExportTemplate

Hope that helps

Tom, if you are dragging notes from other documents, you have to apply the Markdown prototype and then use the stamp to export it. Is this what you are doing?

Yes, that is exactly what I am doing. It seems to be failing in making the call over to Word to create the .docx format.

Very weird because if I create a new document within the Simple Pandoc Template 0.2 everything works fine.

Don’t spend a lot of time on it, I just wanted to make you aware. That was my intent. I appreciate all you contributions.


I looked into this. It seems that notes being dragged are arriving not as UTF-8, but as Western (MacOS Roman). This is making Pandoc complain about invalid characters. (It seems to be the linebreaks). Perhaps @eastgate could comment on this; I mean, whether this is something to be expected or some anomaly.

Word has no part in the conversion. Pandoc is doing all the work.

From where are the notes dragged?

Hi Mark and Bernard, I am dragging the notes from another tbx document. No images, just a plain note, using the HTMLExport standard template.

Hope that helps

Same as Tom. From another Tbx file.