Tabs, shortcuts, two notes and one question

(Pat Maddox) #24

I just saw this myself. There’s a thing in the view menu called “Show Tab Bar” (right at the top). This presents a second “level” of tabs. The close tab command works on that one.

As far as the tabs I’m used to – the ones that show the current note name and have a view icon – I don’t think there’s a way to close them with the keyboard.

I don’t understand the purpose of the two levels of tabs, but seeing as I’ve just learned about them, some experimenting is in order…

(John Sidiropoulos) #25

(James Fallows) #26


No doubt this is because I don’t enable the Sierra tabs (which I find an encumbrance), but it does explain why i haven’t/don’t see this command.

(Pat Maddox) #27

IF you have two levels of tabs… and these are different from the tabs you get if you “open original in new tab” or use the “+” or “new tab” functionality.

(George Wyner) #28

Just happened on this thread. I also see the value of closing tabs. I often navigate through my notes by opening the original of an alias in a new tab or using URL to open a particular view of a particular note. Over time tabs accumulate and I need to close them and something like ⌘-W for TBX tabs would be very welcome.