Taskpaper and Tinderbox

(Andreas Grimm) #1

Importing taskpaper files into Tinderbox does not populate $DueDate (within TBX) with data from the taskpaper file.


(eastgate) #2

How is the due date represented in your Taskpaper file?

(Galen Menzel) #3

It appears that Tinderbox doesn’t pull due or start dates in from tags in Taskpaper documents, as in

- this is a task @due(2017-09-01)

It would be great if this were supported. In the mean time, you can add some variant of this edict to your Taskpaper Task and Taskpaper Project prototypes:

if ($Name.contains("@due\((.*)\)")) { $DueDate=$1; };
if ($Name.contains("@start\((.*)\)")) { $StartDate=$1; }

As long as you’ve formatted your Taskpaper dates in a way that Tinderbox can parse as a date, this should work fine.