Tinderbox 7.0.3

(Andreas Grimm) #1

Thanks for the silent update to Tinderbox 7.0.3

Quicklink in general seems to work again. Thank you.

BUT – the multiple characters-feature introduced in Tinderbox 7.0.2 does not work in Tinderbox 7.0.3 anymore.

Can someone confirm this?


(Paul Walters) #2

Yes, “multiple characters” in QuickLink not working.

(Mark Anderson) #3

For me the trigger is on the first letter only. I think the v7.0.3 behaviour is a partial roll-back to remove worse breakage occurring in other aspects of auto-match whilst a better solution is worked out. Put another way, I don’t think v7.0.3 represents the final version of Quick Links, but rather a safer interim form compared to v7.0.2.

Sidenote: I can confirm that b256 is now the a public release of v7.0.3.

(eastgate) #4

Yes – the implementation of the multiple-character Quicklink in 7.0.2 was so badly faulty that it often was worse than the old single-character Quicklink. So, back to single-character for the time being.