Tinderbox and DEVONthink Pro

(Bernhard Wagner) #45

I misunderstood an entry in the Tinderbox forum.
I will remove my erroneous postings.

(Paul Walters) #46

No need to remove anything @Lupo — just want to sure you’re getting the info you need!!

(Bernhard Wagner) #47

I use Daylite both for my business and for my private (for myself) administration and management:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and
  • IRM (Information Relationship Management = this is my new and own definition what I do with Daylite )
  • Opportunities
  • Project Management
  • Mail Integration
  • Task Management
  • Work Anywhere

Information Relationship Management (IRM) is what I do with Daylite as an extended use of Daylite.

(Jake Bernstein) #48

Sadly, Daylite doesn’t work with Exchange. Dealbreaker for me.

(Bernhard Wagner) #49

My notes do not travel from Daylite —>DEVONthink —>Tinderbox.
All information between Daylite, DEVONthink and Tinderbox are conected with URLs.

(Bernhard Wagner) #50

Which function does you mean exacly? (Exchange-Server for mails?)

(Bernhard Wagner) #51

Can you please show me how to set up this feature (inter-app workflow)?

(Paul Walters) #52

If you own the current version of DEVONthink, then select a group (DEVONthink’s term for a folder) and choose Copy Item Link from the contextual menu, or from the Edit menu. This will put a DEVONthink reference URL on the clipboard. The URL looks like this:


Go to Tinderbox 7.5.x. Create a note. Add the attribute $DEVONthinkGroup as a Key Attribute – it is located in the Watched category.

Paste the clipboard contents (the URL you copied).

Wait a few seconds, and the child documents of the group (the “watched group”) whose reference URL you copied will appear as child notes of the note where you added the $DEVONthinkGroup attribute and the URL.

There are limitations. Child groups of a watched DEVONthink group will not sync. Not all documents from DEVONthink sync well. Works best with rich text or plain text, less well with PDFs, and even less well with web archives. Usually does not work anywhere satisfactorily with documents such as .docx, .xlsx, or images.

(Bernhard Wagner) #53

Thanks you for your help.
In fact, I do not get results in DEVONthink.

(Paul Walters) #54

I assure you. I am not making this up.

Parent note

What version of DEVONthink and what version of Tinderbox do you have? The feature requires the version of each program that were modified by the developers to support it.

Make sure you have copied and paste the correct Item Link from the correct group in the most current version of Tinderbox.

Anyway, good luck. Seeing as we don’t have your data, it’s not possible to reproduce.

(Bernhard Wagner) #55

I have DEVONthink Pro Office 2.10.1 and Tinderbox 7.5.3.
You have URL, I have DEVONthinkGroup?
Would it be possible for us to use TeamViewer?

(Paul Walters) #56

The process automatically puts the DEVONthink item link in the KA for a synced document, when it syncs the documents that are contents of the synced group.

The parent has $DEVONthinkGroup as I explained above.

No. I am not Eastgate support.

I suggest you write to Mark Bernstein (support@eastgate.com) if there are additional issues, since this is probably a support issue and not a user-to-user matter.

(Bernhard Wagner) #57

Thank you - I will do that.

(Bernhard Wagner) #58

Hi Mark,
I want to connect Tinderbox with DEVONthink ($DEVONthinkGroup).
Can you help me please?

(eastgate) #59

Please make a new, small sample DEVONthink that you can share. Make a test Tinderbox that tries to watch the corresponding DEVONthink group. Does that work?

If not, send the DEVONthink database and Tinderbox document to info@easgate.com and we’ll be happy to take a look.

(Bernhard Wagner) #60

Which function does you mean exacly? (Exchange-Server for mails?)

(Bernhard Wagner) #61

Which function do you mean exactly? (Exchange server for mails?)
I’ve been working with Daylite for a long time.
I would be glad to receive a message from you.

(Andreas Grimm) #62

I would be interested as well @Lupo

(Bernhard Wagner) #63

Do you work with Daylite, too?

(Andreas Grimm) #64

Certainly do. Great App