Tinderbox and DEVONthink Pro

(Bernhard Wagner) #65

It’s just the best for me.
How did you set up the workflow between Daylite and DEVONthink (Tinderbox)?

(Jake Bernstein) #66

Exchange calendar and email mostly.

(Bernhard Wagner) #67

Success; I did what Mark said and it works fine now.
It also works if the Tinderbox file is stored in the iCloud Drive (nicht Store).
And it works with all three kinds of DEVONthink notes.
Thank you very much, Mark


(Andreas Grimm) #68

Any progress on your end, @pat, on having image-links in a markdown-written note in Tinderbox linking to an image stored in Devonthink and being rendered in Preview in Tinderbox?



(Pat Maddox) #69

Ah, this is not something I’m pursuing. Frankly I’m not sure how it works in DEVONthink – it was just an idea that I had one day and was pleased to see that it works. But as you’ve observed, x-devonthink-item image links don’t work anywhere else.

I suppose it would be possible to look up the underlying file and replace the link with the file path on export. The problem is, it could get out of sync if DEVONthink moves the file internally, in which case you’d have to run the export again.

That said, the point for me is to have them render in DEVONthink. So I am fine with being a broken image link in Tinderbox, as long as it renders properly in DT.

I don’t think it’s impossible, I just haven’t figured out a way to make it work (and I stopped looking a while ago).

(Andreas Grimm) #70

I understand and I think I’ll do the same. Having the image rendered in Devonthink should work and has, of course, the advantage of a never broken link.

This even more so when using “open a new file in a new Tab”.

Thank you @pat