Tinderbox v7.3 from DEVONThink Auto Import

(Dean Bevan) #1

I tool a look at the release notes for Tinderbox 7.3 and saw the automated import using the Unique IDfrom DEVONThink. Great! Problem I’m having is I can’t get it to work, it comes back with the message

trouble fetching notesin x-devonthink-item://698782CE-XXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXX

With that being the URL of the group that I want to import.

Any idea where I can find more information or what I’m doing incorrectly?

(Nick Gordon) #2

When pasting the link from Devonthink, you need to remove everything before and including the //

It seems that, once you’ve had this issue in a TB document, it’ll continue to fail in that document - you need to set up a new document for it to work.

There’s further discussion and some automation options in this thread:

(Dean Bevan) #3

Thanks @ThatGuy, I’ve got it working some of the time and that’s a good starting point.

Creating a new document once it stops working is the key.

(eastgate) #4

I’m pretty sure that, if just delete the incorrect container and replace it with the corrected note, Tinderbox will watch the folder when you next open the document.