Unable to open tinderbox app with VS 2017

(james blair) #1

newbie question - created screensaver test app in Tinderbox. When trying to open the generated solution in VS2017, get the following errors

error : Unable to read the project file “myprojectnamehere.vcxproj”.
Found an unexpected character ‘|’ at position 6 in condition “Debug|Win32”.

Any help greatly appreciated

(eastgate) #2

I think you’ve got the wrong Tinderbox. We’re a knowledge management application for macOS.

(james blair) #3

lol - sorry, my bad. There is an app called Tinderbox for Cinder creative coding framework.

(Miles Smith) #4

with regards Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,
miles smith

(Mark Anderson) #5

If you’re trying to use VS2017, then you’re on the wrong platform (see above). Or can you expain your problem in more detail.