Unable to purchase the latest Tinderbox and lack of communication from the support team

(Jae Schroeder) #1

Has anybody else been unable to reach support? I’m trying to purchase the new Tinderbox and I’m not hearing back from them at all, even after sending them several emails and one phone call.

My goal is to simply make the $250 purchase but unfortunately, I’m not getting any replies on my emails. I’m just wondering if this is a run-off situation or if I need to be concerned that this is just how it is with this product.

Any advice on how to best purchase this product and receive support would be greatly appreciated.

(Mark Anderson) #2

Eastgate is a small team and it’s main person (Mark Bernstein) has been out campaigning full time in the mid-terms, away from home-base, in recent days. I suspect that has meant patchy comms and busy mailbox. Anyway, I think he’s en-route home so I’m sure will be in touch real soon.

The nature of a small shop is it’s hard to be ever-present (FWIW, I’m a volunteer admin here) and the odd loss of First-world immediacy of comms can happen, but as a long-term (14 yrs) user such evens are few and far between. This is balanced by an upside of dealing directly with the maker of the apps and not having to fight through layers of marketing, etc. to get heard.

In the meantime, if you’ve any functional questions about Tinderbox, do please ask.:grinning:

(Jae Schroeder) #3

Thank you Mark for the reply. and for putting my mind at ease a bit. The fact that I hadn’t received my registration code yet after dropping $250 on an app was disconcerting, which was compounded by the fact that there was complete radio silence from the support team.

(eastgate) #4

Sorry about that. I’ve been working 16 hours days, many of them in freezing rain, and some things got left behind. Your Tinderbox registration should be in your inbox.

(Jae Schroeder) #5


Unfortunately, the registration code you sent me either doesn’t work or it’s missing.

Please advise.

(eastgate) #6

Look further down in your mailbox. I fumbled the first try — trying to juggle travel and laptop.

(Jae Schroeder) #7

I did and I can’t find it anywhere. I checked my junk and inbox and no other registration code can be found. Can you resend please ASAP?

(Jae Schroeder) #8


I’m still missing the registration code. Please resend.