Updating notes according to updated prototypes

(Rick) #1

I have quite a few notes based on a prototype that I have edited many times. The prototype doesn’t seem to be able to change the Key Attributes of notes that were created before the prototype was updated.
I’ve tried creating a stamp (a first for me; way easier than I had imagined)
$Prototype="Quotation Prototype"
and using that but it didn’t have any effect on Key Attributes.
Is there any other way to do this?

(Paul Walters) #2

The easiest way to fix this is to open Quickstamp with ⌘2, select the note(s) you want to fix, select KeyAttributes as the attribute you want to adjust, and then press the “inherited” button:

“inherited” in this context means "apply the KA from the prototype. “assigned to this note” means “apply the KA that I configured for this note directly”.

Similar things can be done with stamps or agents, but Quickstamp is easy.

(jmm) #3

I use a stamp that you may wish to adapt:

$Prototype="Quotation Prototype";$KeyAttributes=;$KeyAttributes=$KeyAttributes("/Prototypes/Quotation Prototype");

(Paul Walters) #4

The suggested stamp can be simplified

$KeyAttributes=;$Prototype="Quotation Prototype";

(Assigning a prototype in a stamp doesn’t require the fully-qualified path to the prototype.)

(Rick) #5

I tried the Quickstamp method on the notes in one container, then the modified stamp on the notes in another container. Both worked great; thank you very much.

Regarding the first expression, with nothing after the equals sign, does that just mean, in non-technical language, something like the following:
“Apply the commands that follow to the KeyAttributes property only.”

(Paul Walters) #6


means “set the attribute to null – remove any values previously assigned”. The semicolon separates that action from the next action – it does not mean pass on this result to the next step.

(Rick) #7

Oh, now all kinds of things make sense. Thank you.