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Using Find and Replace

(Patrick Lynch) #1

I am importing a lot of data from a site and the text comes in with stand extra characters. I want to remove these universally but when I try “Find and Replace” from the menu, only the Find dialogue comes up with no Replace. I have seen screenshots elsewhere in the Forum with both. I am wondering if this is user error or something else. I am using TBX 7.5.4 on a MacBook Pro with High Sierra 10.13.6. Thanks in advance.

(Dominique Renauld) #2

Is this what you’re looking for? Just type cmd + F in the right panel. My current version is 7.5.0 on macOS Sierra.

Just downloaded 7.5.4 version :

(Patrick Lynch) #3

Thanks, Dominique. Did so but here’s what I get:


(Paul Walters) #4

You need to display the ruler to see that tool: Format > Text > Show Ruller

(Dominique Renauld) #5

In the screenshot above, you’re in the left panel. In order to find Find and replace, you have to go to the right panel and type cmd + F or do what Paul Walters suggests.

(Mark Anderson) #6

The Find & Replace option is only available within the text pane and works on $Text. The Find in the view pane is find-only.

If you need to replace characters in string-based attributes, try using action code, e.g. .replace().

I vaguely recall Find (in either view) needs a minimum search string of 3 characters to work though I may be wrong on that.

(Patrick Lynch) #7

Thanks, gentlemen. I appreciate the solutions and they help.