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Using MultiMarkdown Version 6 as a preview and export engine?

I am using version Tinderbox 8.0.3, and I would like to use MultiMarkdown Version 6 as a preview and export engine for notes instead of the Gruber package that is bundled with Tinderbox. I believe all I have to do is change the path in $HTMLPreviewCommand. Yes? Has anyone else tried this?

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Yes, that ought to work!

@regan great question. Can you maybe post your solution on the forum? That would be awesome!

This has been covered previously.

  • Install the Fletcher Penney Mutlimarkdown package per his instructions.
  • The normal installation path is /usr/local/bin/multimarkdown or /usr/local/bin/mmd
  • Create your own prototype and set $HTMLPreviewCommand to '/usr/local/bin/multimarkdown' or '/usr/local/bin/mmd'
  • Note the single straight quotes
  • If your machine’s configuration is different, then you’ll need to locate the multimarkdown executable on your own.
  • By default, Tinderbox notes, and thus the built in Markdown prototype and any prototypes you might create have $HTMLMarkupText set to True. This is an error and will cause the preview to not work. Set $HTMLMarkupText to False.
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This will be corrected in Tinderbox 8.0.5 and later.

Thanks to all for sharing your insights.