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Your file works here, too.

Again it were wrong quotes… Thanks!

Could you kindly provide the code to these six dashboard-Containers … especially the two at the bottom.


That seems like such a long time ago that I had a hard time figuring out what I did!

The four at the top are notes with Rule of …


The two at the bottom are agents with Query of …


And (under Appearance) Pattern of …


You can download the document here (Dropbox, 8 MB).

For imported data, look under Imported Tweets in Outline View. I pasted those in tab-delimited format into Tinderbox (having parsed the Twitter source text into that form with a script). Tinderbox created the notes and populated the attributes automatically. Booleans I had populated outside Tinderbox using a script, but that could have been done within Tinderbox easily enough. The booleans aren’t used in the main dashboard I called ‘Status’. The agents in ‘Status’ look inside their respective ‘Gathering agents.’

This seems to crash occasionally under Tinderbox 8. Must have introduced some gremlin into it.

If Tinderbox crashes, please send the crash logs to bernstein@eastgate.com. We’ll have a calm discussion with the software to discourage such behavior!

Sure. Sorry. Short of time here and forget where crash logs live (I once knew). Just wanted to get the document posted as an example, mentioning a possible occasional crash, just in case. Happened twice after I opened the old document in the latest version, but hasn’t reoccurred. I think it could be something specific to my machine or some gremlin in that old document, i.e. not the “fault” of Tinderbox.


Emailed. Was for 8.6.0. Probably won’t occur now that have updated to 8.6.2.