Where do you put your reading notes?

(Paul Walters) #21

A Sublime-lilke build process can be achieved with Tinderbox templates. By using CSS in templates, and defining header levels (H1, H2, etc.) in the CSS with style attributes that work well with Word, you can get to the same result. I usually do not export to .doc from Tinderbox, preferring the fine tuning that CSS and HTML export provide. I open the HTML document in Word and the save as .docx.

(Mark) #22


The css in this example is a bit basic but I agree with Paul that using css is an elegant way to produce something for word to import - I use this technique to produce a monthly newsletter for my team. I collect snippets of news, project updates, thank yous I shouldn’t forget, achievements etc… during the month with a note for each snippet and use a ‘NextNewsletterAgent’ to collate them ( based on a boolean $current) and a css driven template to produce the letter. I mark the snippets published and then the agent won’t collect them. The utility of tinderbox is that I can easily check whether I am repeating myself, republish a snippet by marking current again and by colour coding by category ( Operational, Clinical, Staff Issues… ) I can see whether I am balancing the newsletter across all the areas of my team’s activities.

(Rigas Arvanitis) #23

How do you link Endote and Tinderbox notes?

(Dominique Renauld) #24

Bonsoir Rigas, I wrote that above, but it was not to mean that I knew how to link an Endnote reference to my Tinderbox notes: when I create a reading note, first, I enter my reference into Endnote (and a BibTex file), then I copy and paste it into my Tinderbox notebook as you can see on the screenshot below wherein the text into the red box is directly pasted from Endnote in APA 6Th edition. Did you read that post about Endnote exports?

(Paul Walters) #25

@dominiquerenauld – a number of your images in that other post are missing / broken links.

(Rigas Arvanitis) #26

Bonjour Dominique,

Okay, I do something similar. Ideally, I have an attribute in the Note that has the citation of the reference like in a text file.

Merci (‘atmosphère, atmosphère…’)

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OK. I’ve just modified my posts, but I can’t find the pictures I took.

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cosy french atmosphere…:slight_smile: and if you drag one reference or export your document into a Word document, for instance, you can easily, I think, scan your document in such a way your bibliography is automatically set for publication: it is the interest to insert an Endnote reference into your $Citation.

(Lew Friedland) #29

I am also using TBX for course planning. Would you be willing to share a screen or two? Thanks.