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Zettelkasten compatibility with Markdown apps

(Derek Van Ittersum) #1

In another thread I asked about how to make a Tinderbox file for a Zettelkasten, which would also export files in plain text Markdown formats that would retain compatibility with other ZK apps, like the Archive or etc.

I have had some moderate success, but it requires some particular ways of working.

First, it’s necessary to make sure to add the date stamp and double bracket wiki link syntax manually to any in-text link that is made. Further, at this point, note-to-note links won’t carry over to the Markdown files. I think changes may need to be made to TBX export before that can be arranged.

Second, it’s possible to use Keyboard Maestro along with Tinderbox’s AppleScript support to automate this linking procedure. If you use this macro, what you do is this:

  1. Be typing in a note where you want to create a link to another note.
  2. Navigate to that target note
  3. Invoke the macro (I use the keyboard shortcut CMD-SHIFT-CTRL-OPT-L)
  4. Macro should take you “back” to the previous note. It may be that you’ve navigated to a few notes looking for the right one, so you don’t exactly get back to the original note. If this is the case, no worries, just select that original note manually.
  5. Press the “CTRL” key (you can change this of course, it’s just the cue to KM to continue with the macro)
  6. Macro should paste the Name of the target note, create a text link, the prepend the line with the date stamp wiki link expected by Markdown ZK apps.

Third, you can now export via HTML export and get markdown files named appropriately. Nice!

I’d love to see other ZK fans tweak this or offer other suggestions. I think this is rich territory.

Here’s a demo Tinderbox.

And here’s the KM macro image:

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(Paul Walters) #2

Thank you. BTW, .tbx files can be dragged directly into postings in the forum, for sharing. No need to use a file sharing services.