Zooming maps with mouse wheel

(Jake Bernstein) #1

Is there a way to zoom the map view using the mouse wheel? The system level screen zoom is not what I’m looking for here. Instead, I want to know if I can use the mouse wheel the same way I can use pinch to zoom on a trackpad.


(eastgate) #2

I believe that the scroll wheel is indistinguishable from pinch zoom, unless you’ve got a third-party hack or window manager interfering.

(Jake Bernstein) #3

Wouldn’t the scroll wheel be equivalent to a two-finger swipe for scroll? Usually, pinch to zoom is mapped to Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or something like that. For example, in iThoughtsX, it’s ⌥Mouse Wheel to zoom, whereas just mouse wheel scrolls.

(eastgate) #4

Aha, yes. And ctrl-mouse-wheel is taken by the system accessibility shortcut, if that’s enabled.

Of course, we’ve also got cmd-+ and cmd-- for shortcuts, too.

(Jake Bernstein) #5

In that case, feature request: bind Option+Mouse Wheel to zoom. :slight_smile: