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Zooming maps with mouse wheel

(Jake Bernstein) #1

Is there a way to zoom the map view using the mouse wheel? The system level screen zoom is not what I’m looking for here. Instead, I want to know if I can use the mouse wheel the same way I can use pinch to zoom on a trackpad.


(eastgate) #2

I believe that the scroll wheel is indistinguishable from pinch zoom, unless you’ve got a third-party hack or window manager interfering.

(Jake Bernstein) #3

Wouldn’t the scroll wheel be equivalent to a two-finger swipe for scroll? Usually, pinch to zoom is mapped to Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or something like that. For example, in iThoughtsX, it’s ⌥Mouse Wheel to zoom, whereas just mouse wheel scrolls.

(eastgate) #4

Aha, yes. And ctrl-mouse-wheel is taken by the system accessibility shortcut, if that’s enabled.

Of course, we’ve also got cmd-+ and cmd-- for shortcuts, too.

(Jake Bernstein) #5

In that case, feature request: bind Option+Mouse Wheel to zoom. :slight_smile:

(Nicholas N.) #6

New Tinderbox user here. Is mouse wheel supposed to zoom? On my v7.6.5 install it just scrolls the map vertically. Also, holding middle mouse to pan doesn’t do anything (intuitively I would expect it to pan, but maybe that’s my CAD software background). If I option+mousewheel I get a very jumpy in/out zoom that in aggregate tends to zoom in more than zoom out. Can someone tell me what the expected behaviour should be? Thanks!

(eastgate) #7

The scroll wheel, unmodified, scrolls up and down in map view. That’s not very useful in maps, but it’s lovely in outlines.

Option (⌥) scroll wheel changes magnification; this was actually added after Jake Bernstein’s request above. I happen to use trackpads much of the time, and so it’s tuned for trackpads; I’m open to changes.

Click-drag (grabby-hand dragging) seems fairly satisfactory for panning. I think 3-button mice in the Mac world are fairly exotic, but happy to take a look.

(Nicholas N.) #8

Ah, if that’s the case, then there is a malfunction in the alt+wheel scroll. See this screen recording. Keep in mind I am scrolling smoothly in one direction in this video, though it would look like I was ratcheting back and forth by the observed behaviour. I can only jumpy-zoom in, not back out again.

If I had a vote, I would say that a plain mouse wheel roll should zoom without modifier in the map view. A vertical scroll isn’t that useful in a 2D canvas. I would also advocate for middle-click to pan, though I realize a plain click does this already. Again, that is muscle memory for me from CAD-land, but seems sensible from the point of view that the middle mouse button is used to both pan and zoom views in most software with 2D or 3D workspaces.

I forget middle mouse buttons aren’t as common for non graphics and CAD users. Everyone I know uses a 3-button mouse with their mac!

(Paul Walters) #9

In map view, with a Logitech MX Ergo, option-ratcheting the wheel, there seems to be an 8:1 ratio for ratchet clicks** to zoom out vs zoom in. So, if I option-ratchet the wheel in one direction for 8 clicks, and then option-ratchet the wheel in the opposite direction for 1 click, then I’m back to the same level of zooming. I would expect the ratio to be 1:1.


the MX Ergo wheel is not smooth – one can feel “click” as it rotates.

(eastgate) #10

I see the Apple Magic Mouse doesn’t have a mouse wheel. (Is that right? I thought it used to have one)

Any other mouse wheel fans out there?

(Jake Bernstein) #11

Well, seeing as how I apparently started this “zoom with mouse wheel” thing (also, THANK YOU for doing that!!), yes, as a matter of fact, I’m using a Logitech MX Master, also with a ratcheting scroll wheel. But then, it also has a horizontal scroll wheel (which works just fine in Tinderbox) and a total of 7 buttons…

(Nicholas N.) #12

I should add that I am using an ordinary wheeled mouse without a multi-mode scroll wheel. I’m mentioning this to eliminate the possibility that the jerky scroll I’m experiencing is due to hardware/firmware on a fancy mouse :slight_smile:

(Tianrui Niu) #13

I’m using a cheap and small Logitech M185, which is far from a “fancy mouse”. The behavior of option-ratchet of my mouse is exactly like that in the screen recording. Would this be fixed in the future?

(eastgate) #14

Probably in the next release

(Tianrui Niu) #15

Nice to hear that, thanks a lot!