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2 questions about Tabs - 1. Not updating label 2. The URL of Attribute Tabs not persistent

Dear Forum,
Many thanks for your help with my previous questions - sorry to be only asking things and not contributing (the time will come, I hope).
Ive much appreciated being able to use a text window with links to various commonly used Tabs (I like the text window because it stays in place when you click the link, so is a stable bit of landscape to work from, and I like linking to the Tag URL as it keeps the view (Map, Outline) that I want, which is not true if linking to a Note URL). It seems to work well, except that URL links for the ‘attribute browser’ Tabs get lost if the Tab is shut, or the program closed ie the URL is not persistent (I dont know if that is the computer speak for that idea). Im just checking that this is correct, ie the TAB URL for Map and Outline views will persist and recreate the view any time you click on it, even if the tab was shut, but not for the Attribute one. That would be OK, as the Attribute Tab can be stored in the tab Gallery, and that always works well (although cant be linked to with a URL).

  1. Its rather strange, but it seems as if currently all my TABS are being given the same name as one of the “attribute browser” Tabs that i have opened. So, for example, I have an attribute browser showing all “ongoing” projects, where the search is called ongoing and hence the TAB is called ongoing. Every subsequent TAB that I open is also called Ongoing, even though it is, say, a Map view. And when I move the view from one container to another the TAB does not update. Any suggestions about how to reboot the TAB names so they reflect the reality?

I apologise if this is unclear, Im at the limits of my verbal dexterity to describe the situation. But any insights about either of those questions very gratefully received.

Best wishes

The reality, being a long-lived app, is different view-config data is persisted different ways. The older views use attributes to record the necessary customisations: outline, map, chart, timeline, treemap. for oall other views the settings are stored in the window tab. Therefore if you close that tab the data is lost, unless you first save it via the tab gallery. Saving a tab in the documents Gallery allows you to restore that same tab with appropriate settings after it has been closed; the metaphor used is to ‘add’ a saved tab to the document which indeed adds a new tab of the selected type/configuration.

Issue #2. I can’t replicate this despite following your description. This isn’t to suggest what you describe isn’t happening, but until there are steps to replicate it, best guess is you’ve hit some odd edge case. My test was to take an existing doc, add a new tab, set it to attribute Browser view, add a new tab (now also automatically AB view type) and change that to Map view and then navigate up/down the doc outline. In the latter context, the map tab label updates to show the current context. If this doesn’t reflect your process please try again and or upload a small TBX that shows the problem using the steps you describe.

Failing all that, you might consider sending a copy fo the doc (zipped if large) to Tinderbox support tinderbox@eastgate.com). This doesn’t imply you’ve done anything ‘wrong’, but simply that the cause of what you describe is unexpected and unclear.

HTH :slight_smile:

Great, thats very clear and what I thought was going on. Thank you for clarifying it.

regarding the names of the tabs all being identical and stuck, it seems to have freed up! Your way of testing it was exactly right, and would have reproduced the problem. I seemed to free it by opening all the attribute tabs stored in my gallery, and at a certain point (I dont know if there is a magical curative tab stored amongst them) all the other open tabs reverted to their correct name. If it happens again, or frequency, I will write again, but fingers crossed, all is now well.

Thanks again for your help

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Great, glad your fix. Occasionally there are gremlins of this type that a bit of tab or note focus switching —or a doc re-open—will correct.

One other thing you can try, if you want to refresh the contents of a tab, if you click on the tab itself—on the label—the label will flesh red, briefly, indicating the the tab panes view & text are being re-drawn. It might just refresh the label too.

Thanks. Its a strange problem, and I had tried all those more usual ways to restore things. All working now though!
Best wishes

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