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2020-12-19 9:00a PST, noon EST, 1700 GMT

2020-12-19 9:00a PST, noon EST, 1700 GMT

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

I thought I created this last week. Hope there’s still time!


  • I especially want to invite people who are thinking about getting Tinderbox, or who have it but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • runCommand demo
  • how to get the new DEVONthink annotation solution working, see Revisiting Devonthink Annotations to Tinderbox
  • review the “getting started text” for Dr. Cox
  • demo of a fix/demo Michael Becker produced for a community member
  • demo of an outlining fix for Marc’s file.
  • Larry, how’s the project coming along?

As always, reply with topic suggestions.

If you have small problem files, consider linking them in the replies before the meetup. It might open the possibility of others showing fixes at the meetup.

Additionally, if you have a problem on a file, but you can’t share your screen because the information needs to stay private, consider creating a copy and deleting or anonymizing the information you don’t want to share, or set up a second file (with or without text) that will allow you to demo your problem.

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Thanks to all who gave their time to demo and help!

Here’s the chat file: chat.txt.zip (2.9 KB)

Video Table of Contents

|09:04:31|just bought an M1 mac mini|
|09:05:37|mapping tool|
|09:08:33|is tinderbox native for M1?|
|09:11:29|3a call with Marc to demo outlining and title parsing|
|09:11:56|conspiracy theories in the middle east|
|09:23:09|using tinderbox methodology. using awk|
|09:23:33|parsing strings|
|09:24:28|drag .ics file to tinderbox, which creates an event|
|09:26:35|regex, grep, awk, sed|
|09:38:43|Q: any way to make alias more obvious?|
|09:39:39|* use a typeface with a more distinctive italic font|
|09:40:05|* turn on underlining (only works with the latin alphabet)|
|09:40:34|found in document settings|
|09:41:58|mark anderson: bear in mind, a tinderbox may have hundreds of notes when you’re done. it’s a good idea to remove the display express|
|09:42:08|add it to a rule or edict|
|09:44:39|demo of flushing edicts to clean out unnecessary code activity|
|09:45:08|teachable moment! make a copy of the file before you try anything|
|10:05:24|Q: people refer to textexpander. is there someone special|
|10:06:28|*something special vs alfred and other expansion utilities|
|10:11:35| From Peter Wasilko : I love Dash’s built in text expander.|
|10:11:55|what is dash? i know i’ve heard of it but can’t recall|
|10:12:06|demo of textexpander|
|10:12:30|From Mark Bernstein : Dash is a documentation reader. Very popular with developers.|
|10:14:02|review the “getting started text” for Dr. Cox|
|10:14:20|using tinderbox for medical research|
|10:16:54|Michael Becker created a sample file for a user!|
|10:17:28|From Peter Wasilko : Dash’s text expansion feature is called “snippets” and supports placeholders and cursor positioning.|
|10:17:35|From Michael Becker : http://forum.eastgate.com/t/medical-research-start/3911/3|
|10:26:52|how to get a new devonthink annotation|
|10:28:38| From Michael Becker : http://forum.eastgate.com/t/revisiting-devonthink-annotations-to-tinderbox/3871/32|
|10:39:53| From Mark Bernstein : https://www.markbernstein.org/May12/Planning.html|

(not sure why the text pasted with markdown table formatting. there’s none in the original text file :man_shrugging:)


Must be an easter egg in Discourse. Pasting tab-separated text creates a table

Lion	Mare	Cow
Alvia	Constance	Ariana
Juno	Sylvie	Clarence



rendered as

Lion Mare Cow
Alvia Constance Ariana
Juno Sylvie Clarence
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Thanks for this effort on behalf of the community. Much appreciated. Chat log added to my meet-up summary page.


Link to chat (above) and video added to the Meet-up logs/threads

Video: https://vimeo.com/493080277

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