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A "console" for Tinderbox

I had this idea, and … I realize this may be better accomplished through some part of the app I’m not yet familiar with, and that this might be very specific to how I think about approaching complexity, but still:

How about having an interactive console for Tinderbox?

The idea is similar to the “developer” console you can get in a browser: basically a way of querying the current state, looking at certain paths through a node, or asking how many nodes are at a certain level, or which nodes match a certain kind of query.

(it’s different from external automation, very much within the app)

It’s not completely far-fetched, OmniOutliner has a similar automation console that’s accessible within the app.

Let me know if any of this makes sense (am I just describing Agents, except … badly?)


[for clarity, I’m assuming ‘nodes’ to mean Tinderbox ‘notes’ (noting that agents, adornments, etc. are essentially just specialised forms of a ‘note’)]

These of things are possibly using agents, existing attributes and dialogs:

See Roadmap. also check out the (still new and evolving) Hyperbolic view.

Query for the notes at Outline level 3:


This is exactly the function of an agent. It is an option for an agent to also act upon matching notes. All nodes/notes with the $Color attribute ‘red’:


I think this covers most cases you describe. I can see that since the old Paths view died after v5, it might be nice to have a link type filter on the Roadmap dialog (though I’ve no idea how complex that is to achieve - IOW it might not be the best UI for a filtered display).

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The bit about it being optional for agents to act on notes is both “duh, obvious”, and also the perspective I was missing earlier.

You’re right, this is mostly just “brushing up on what Tinderbox already offers”.

Thank you for getting back on this, Mark.

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