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A few questions

Hello, I am a newcomer. There are several requirements for the current version, which may already exist but missed:

  1. Can you remember the size when you close the main program when you click New?
    2.The current font size setting is invalid for the notes that have been generated. Is there a global adjustment option?
    3.I have to say that the performance is improved. After I save and close the Map page, I open my note view again. Many of them need to be dragged to display them all.
    Thank you!

Do you mean making all new documents open their initial window at a non-default size? If so, no this is not currently supported and I’ve not previously seen it being asked for (i.e. I don’t think it has previously been formally requested).

The text font $TextFont and size $TextFontSizework on uncustomised text. Once you start editing a note, the current text font/size are saved as part of the RTF text so no longer inherit preference changes. However, notes can be changed later using the Style sub-menu.

I’m afraid I’m unclear as to the question being asked here.

Thanks for the quick response, for example: I created 4 decorations side by side with 7.8 notes in each decoration and nested. When I only display the map view in full screen and save and close it again, I can only see it. To the leftmost decorations and notes, the rest need to be swiped inside to show them!

I think I understand. This seems to be related to longstanding confusion over whether a map stores where you were last vs. what you wish to see in the parent viewport: not necessarily the same thing.

Whether the map stores your last position is a problem, but I’m afraid I’m not talking about it. The problem I said is that when the file is opened, if the map view does not display all the decorations and notes that can be displayed in the current window, they need to be dragged to appear. I believe it is a “drawing” problem. I don’t know if my description is clear and correct.

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@Ting I think the best way to address this is for you to set up a sample document. Send it to bernstein@eastgate.com, along with a screenshot of (a) what you seen when you open your document, and (b) what you wish you saw.

I have attached a screenshot and sent it to the mailbox, please check!