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Action code that adds a line break between two attributes....is this possible?

Is it possible to write an action code that would update $Subtitle and separate two attributes by a line break? This I clearly wrong, but something like this:

$Subtitle="URL: "+$URL+\n+"Country: "$ProdHostingLocation;

You need the ‘\n’ inside a quoted string:

$Subtitle="URL: "+$URL+"\nCountry: "+$ProdHostingLocation;

Note the additional ‘+’ for the last join. Without it Tinderbox seems to think the first expressions stops before ‘$ProdHostingLocation’.

. The ‘\n’ is a textual way of typing a non visible string character. Whilst in some cases, due to legacy usage support, Tinderbox may guess \n means "\n", but it’s better not to leave it to chance.

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Sweet! Thanks.