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Action to Move a Note?

Is there an Action to move a note within Tinderbox to a different container?

The Apple Notes watch folder feature is very nice and could be used in particular to enter content on my iPhone which then finds its way into Tinderbox. But I am a bit concerned that if I later inadvertently delete or move such a note, it will disappear from Tinderbox since it is a Sync folder and not just an Import folder.

Thus is there a way to setup an Apple Notes watch folder and then in Tinderbox create an Agent which finds new notes in that location and moves them out of that Container so they instead are permanently in Tinderbox and not in iCloud any more?

Yes. By alerting the $Container attribute of a note—see more detail.

That looked like an outstanding plan.

But when I change the container, as soon as the note moves to the new unWatched container, the sync mechanism immediately brings a copy of the note back into Tinderbox.

Tinderbox doesn’t delete notes in watched containers; as long as those notes remain, the watch folder will recreate them.

OK - that’s interesting and maybe even helpful to not lose data.

I suppose I can manually delete the original iOS Note when desired.