Adding a User Attribute destroys $DisplayedAttributes's sort order

Adding a User Attribute to the $DisplayedAttributes via the Inspector destroys the DisplayedAttributes’s sort order.



It gets really cumbersome if one keeps adding User Attributes (over time), meanwhile forgets about this behavior, runs into it again and then has to rebuild the desired sort order again. Even more so with notes that use a lot of DisplayedAttributes. I should know by now to don’t do it via Inspector but to add them manually instead, however I do it again and again via the Inspector :frowning:

Not sure when this started and didn’t find something on the forum, however I’ve found a post by @mwra:

@eastgate is it possible that adding via the Inspector incorrectly uses a Set instead of a List? Anyway, could this please be changed?


Since v9, $DisplayedAttributes is a List so doesn’t self-sort (previously it was a Set, which does!).

Testing, ticking the ‘Displayed Attribute for selected notes’ box does result—unexpectedly—in $DisplayedAttributes being resorted A-Z order.

In truth, this is a really old feature I didn’t think was much used any more—at least for a single note, as here with a prototype note. A much easier method to do what you are describing is to use the add Displayed Attributes pop-over.

So for now, just use the latter method. I’ll report the issue.

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Fixed in Tinderbox 9.5. Thanks!