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Adding image to existing notes?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to include images for certain existing notes that I’m working on, so that they appear in Map view (maybe also Timeline?), e.g., pics of individuals, logos for companies – either through Fill or Hover Expression or through some other means.

I’m working on a file that contains notes with complex linking relationships, and so I don’t want to do anything that screw up the integrity of the notes.


Just add the image in the text pane, before any other text

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Thanks. So, no need to use Fill or Hover Expression. Should I do anything else to control the shape and scale of images that I’m including?

No the app’s designer has described the necessary action, which is also documented here.

Tip: if still doubting the developer’s advice, try the suggested advice in a copy of your document. Then if OK, carry on; if you hit a snag, post your work (which might be failure to correctly follow the advice) so fellow users here in the forum can help.

Thanks. That was meant to be a period, not a question mark (since corrected).

The next question was just re: attributes that might control the shape / scale of a note’s image.

Thanks again.

@jprint714 This is addressed in the file I sent you Saturday. As @eastgate points out you can simply paste in the image, but this will lead to file size bloating as well as have some implication for downstream image file management, reporting if and when you plan a propping the file for professional publication, and most certainly with file sharing (managing the sharing of around a 100MB+ vs. vs. a 4MB file is much different). In your file you’ll have many 10s of images and more. An offline image management strategy, as I outlined in the file I sent you over the weekend may work best as it used action code to help populate your $Fill and Hover images. Give me a call and I can help you with a strategy to ensure your fill directly gets the right images.

There is no mechanism to control the shape or scale of the image in the Fill or Hover Mechanism. Also, it is important to note the TBX is the idea knowledge ideation tool, not necessarily a picture perfect production tools. There are some CSS strategies you could use to manipulate image masking in the preview and export outputs, but at this stage of your project that is overkill.

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Thank you so much for this explanation – it’s extremely helpful, and is exactly the answer I was seeking. I’m trying to understand both the mechanics of how to do this, and what the possibilities in Tinderbox for this sort of thing. As you know, I’m chiefly interested in working with the data, but using some of the graphics is quite useful in the Maps and Timeline views.

I also need to better understand how to set up these graphics for shareable files (i.e., in which images are stored on local folders, and how to reconfigure that when sharing files). I expect we’ll talk about that, too!